Housing and Prout

Prout asserts that housing is a fundamental right of every human being. A government truly responsive to people will constitutionally guarantee the fundamental right to adequate housing for all citizens. This will be accomplished with appropriate policies implemented by government units as close to the local level as possible, and by establishing and an economy that enables the acquisition of adequate purchasing capacity for all.

In a Proutist society, local and state agencies will establish a system of “no persons or families left behind” in terms of housing, reflecting the fundamental spirit of moving together as one human society. Community land trusts, housing cooperatives, or direct public investment in housing may be among the approaches used. Rent subsidies or rent controls may be necessary in the transition toward a Prout economy.

Local housing agencies charged with implementing the right to dignified, appropriate and adequate housing should consider the all-round physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the occupants. Access to other fundamental needs such as transportation, places of worship, food markets, and health centers will also be included in these considerations. Housing policy must be for all without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation or gender, age, or economic, family or educational status.

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