BACKGROUND awareness of society – problems people are facing. The positive and good SOLUTIONS we and others do. CAPACITY BUILDING and INFORMATION how to go about setting things right.

This online news is inspired by The Neohumanist website which was the result of research on social issues and crises in Europe. The aim of that research was to collect references and sources to start social projects in different countries.

The first and eas­i­est step involves aware­ness. Be aware of what’s going on in the back­ground. In general, we see and hear the principal problems (homelessness, economic crisis, demonstrations, etc.) but often don’t pay atten­tion to the back­ground. This is a mis­take. The back­ground is where the problems are. This is the first thing we want to highlight in this news site.

When collecting news and information, you come across interesting facts and solutions. This information will be copied on this site with a link to the original source. The selection criteria are based on rationality and are relevant to Prout ideas. We start at the grassroots, the most fundamental, basic level of ideas, changes or political movements.

What we can do with this knowledge is to inspire ourselves and others to do Prout work. Use the articles while discussing with people. The information may provide a reason to visit an institution or NGO. In other words, to have practical and useful tools when working at the grassroots.

One of our aims is to have a team that collects news and articles, as well as tools and materials members, have created or are currently using. We also seek to create an awareness about the present situation/conditions or how the history is affecting society today, and what solution can be developed.

When you find an interesting topic or tool, please send it to us. The news has four columns:

1. BACKGROUND: The present situations, history, or summary of a common knowledge/information.
2. SOLUTIONS: Inspiring and useful social programs and projects, or an innovative solution.
3. CAPACITY BUILDING: How To Do and where to learn.
4. INFORMATION: Events, programs and announcements.

LEAD NEWS: Current affairs.

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