Street Kids International

Street Kids International (or Street Kids) was a Canadian-based non-governmental organization founded by Peter Dalglish, and Frank O’Dea in 1988. The organization focuses on providing street youth with the opportunity to lead safer and better lives through three main programme avenues: street health, street work, and street rights. In 2008, Street Kids International expanded its operations to the United Kingdom with Street Kids International UK.

In 2001, the organization premiered its latest animation titled Speed’s Choice. In a shift away from health-related issues, the animation addresses the subject of street entrepreneurship. According to the Street Kids International website, the film is a component of their Street Work programme. Since 2001, Street Kids International has undertaken various initiatives in Canada and internationally, and in 2007, the organization was recognized by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) for their Long-Term Commitment to International Cooperation.

In January 2015, Save the Children and Street Kids International announced that they will become one to help more children and youth tackle the cycle of poverty by building sustainable income-generating opportunities.

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