Oroquieta in the year 2030?

What will the city of Oroquieta (Philippines) be like in the year 2030? What are the people’s hopes and fears? Are there alternatives to a business as usual future? What is the city’s preferred future? What is the city’s transformed future? Which future do they wish to become a reality? What steps can the city take to trigger emerging alternatives and create a transformed future for the city and its people? Is the city moving in the right direction?

Are existing platforms, policies, programs, and framework flexible, adaptive? Is the economy responsive to local demands and needs? What are the drivers and factors that might influence the city’s future? How can we engage the youth to participate in the creation of alternative and transformed future?

These are some of the interesting and provocative questions that emerged in the 3day Futures Literacy and PROUT workshop attended by Mayor Jason Almonte and the local government officials of Oroquieta City.

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Remember 50% of the people are under the poverty line. So this will create a huge number of jobs. The first priority is to sell maximum inside the city before export is done in order to lift the economy.

We did a 3-day workshop about potential, products, how to prepare through cooking etc, planning.

All people participating were really shocked and excited and very happy. And they loved the taste of the products, as all got to taste during the workshop. They collectively said: “This can create a revolution in our economy!”