Human resource leasing service

Count On Us! – Human Resource Rental Service benefiting companies, vulnerable people, and NGOs. Encourage and facilitate self-development among vulnerable people through immediate actions and programs that lead to their socio-economic independence.

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?
In Romania, the socio-economic consequences of the current economic crisis has caused three major problems: (1) The disappearance of economic agents in the market. (2) The worsening of social-professional and economical problems concerning disadvantaged youth and vulnerable people. (3) The financial difficulties encountered by NGOs when continuing to provide services for their beneficiaries. Due to the lack of job opportunities homeless youth are forced to work on the black market in order to survive. The black market is not a viable solution for homeless people because it does not offer financial security or social insurance. It is not a solution for companies or NGO-s either because of the risk of jeopardizing their own existence.

Solution: What is the proposed solution?
By creating a social-economical agency, which response to the temporary needs of the companies, we can support vulnerable people in finding their way back into the labour market, becoming contributing members of society, while partially sustaining the service expenditures of the NGO. The Human Resource Rental Service (HRRS) is an agency that aims to solve both economic and social issues. This temporary employment agency is a solution that provides vulnerable people with access to the labour market in order to improve both their financial situation and their quality of life. This agency also represents an income generated activity for NGO’s, that provide services for disadvantaged groups, who also need to sustain their daily costs. In addition, this agency is a permissive instrument for those economic agents who are interested in new trends within the employment market, based on their effectiveness but also their commitment to fulfilling their goals for social responsibility.

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