Co-Creating Positive Systems Change

How can we work together for Positive Global Systems Change and the evolution towards a Neo-Humanistic, Proutist society?

 Baba came to the Earth to elevate humanity to the next level of existence, to free us from dark forces and prepare us to take an evolutionary leap, He gave us so much! He prepared us, giving Neo-Humanistic Education, Prout, Microvita theory and so much more!

All around the globe, people are in lockdown and have been forced into a kind of retreat at home, except those in vital professions. People have been stripped of their daily routines and the distractions of their busy lives. They are confronted with uncertainty, fear, themselves and the overwhelming media.

Furthermore, we are now seeing signs, such as mass unemployment, that the economic system could soon experience a dramatic crash.

This is a unique time and a unique opportunity. People are in a completely new realm, like never before. More than ever, social media is being used as our main form of communication.

We can use this opportunity to create online discussion and action around system changes and to share Prout-inspired ideas; to co-create a grassroots vision of the world we want to build together when the lockdown is over.

The more people on board with a sincere desire for positive change the better. Together, as Margiis around the world, we can create a global campaign for systems change and reach millions of people through our social media networks.

What can we do?

1) In our personal lives, we can bring positive microvita, spirituality and a solution-focused outlook to ourselves and the people directly around us.

2) We can start our own conversations about Prout-inspired ideas and positive social/economic/ecological change with our online networks and communities through email and social platforms.

We can also share online resources with others, such as the website and the links and content shared through other sites and platforms with shared values or vision.

3) Those who want to be more involved can join one of the teams who are managing the social media presence or content creation for Prout and related efforts.

What next?

We would love for you to join us in a Zoom call to discuss how we can move forward together to bring positive change…

Topic: Co-Creating Positive Systems Change

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