A constellation of grassroots actions

Often when we speak of Prout, people ask if there is anywhere it has been established. Prout is complex and profound, therefore the task to implement it is not an easy one. What Prout does have and can share is a clear vision and well-defined guiding principles that can translate into practical policies for a specific place or situation, such as in the Philippines.

In Maharlika a constellation of grassroots actions, that demonstrate the practical application of Prout-based policies. Begin to serve as a model for how to stimulate an underdeveloped economy. The municipalities share similar characteristics such as 35 – 60% of the population lives in poverty, 70 – 100% of the food consumed locally is imported from outside the area despite favorable conditions for agriculture. Unemployment and underemployment are high, and there are few if any local industries.

Though the exact approach for each municipality varies as per local requirements, the basic strategy is based on Prout’s concept of Block Level Planning and other guiding principles.

To ensure local and cooperative ownership and control, as well as economic equity, a Social Enterprise Code, was drafted. Further assistance and support to realize the vision was tied to an agreement to and signing of the Code.

In the first week of December 2018, a meeting was held with members of the Oroquieta community ready to form cooperatives, representatives of the municipal government, and Prout activists. The mayor, his colleagues, and more than 40 aspiring members/owners signed the Code.

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