Prout Convention 2021

You are warmly invited…

As the global Prout movement is progressing with increasing speed, the yearly Prout Convention is an opportunity for Proutists around the world to meet and discuss ideas, share projects, and innovate together. Let’s co-create the next revolution, and benefit the whole planet!

Please keep in mind that the program and website are still not finalized. We are still working on it. Here is some initial information.

The theme

Compost Capitalism!

Using the positive metaphor of the ecological process of composting, which breaks down waste turning it into nutrient-rich productive soil, we plan to create and expand this metaphorical outlook to include social and economic issues.

The sessions are still needing precise definition, but the time frames will be two-hour sessions twice daily, one session each day dealing with one of four topics to be looked at from the point of view of the composting process breaking down the current capitalist dominance of each of these areas, economics, environment, social, and world view.

  1. Regrow our economy.

   2. Regenerate our Earth.

   3. Reclaim our communities.

   4. Revitalize our spirit. 

The second session of each day will be devoted to presentations of activities around the globe.  There are many and they all deserve time to present.  They will be encouraged to present their activities in a manner that can activate others to consider similar activities within their own particular circumstances.

The venue(s)

This year the convention will happen online. We are also opening the doors of Ananda Gaorii in Denmark for those who wish to participate in the convention presentially. More information will be available in our website.

Registration & Fees

Please register in our website here.

Participation in our online convention will be free, but we do encourage donations. For those planning to attend at Ananda Gaorii, the prices will be announced shortly. Please check our website for more information.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us at